To My Sweet Little Fella

Well, kid. You're doing a great job growing and moving around. My favorite moments this week have been feeling your sweet little kicks when we were at a show and you going from being still to kicking around after I started talking to you, telling you I love you, late one night in bed. Your dad has been able to feel you lots too. It's so special to feel you in there, growing stronger everyday. You've really stolen our hearts already. It's hard to think about anything else than getting to meet you in April. Even in the midst of finals and backaches and head colds, it's all worth it as long as you're happy and healthy in there. We love you, sweetheart.


Little Darling

It's getting cold in Chicago and lots of my clothes are starting to not fit! Good thing I can just bundle up in big sweaters, beanies, and maternity pants all through the winter. Today hasn't been too bad, so I threw on these little overalls with tights and it was just warm enough. Tim and I took a walk around our neighborhood and went shopping at Anthro and Urban Outfitters tonight. It's always so wonderful to have a day off together. I can't wait for my holiday break so we can spend a month and a half relaxing and enjoying the Christmas season together. It's really my favorite.

So we find out if we're having a boy or girl on Wednesday!! I can't believe it! We've been buying lots of gender neutral things, so it'll be nice to go all out for a boy or girl. We've had talks about what we think it is, and it's been fun not knowing...but I'm just excited to call our baby he or she and not "it" haha!

Counting down the days to find out what you are, little darling.


16 Weeks

Well, what a whirlwind it's been the past few months! My hiatus was due to the fact that I'm pregnant! The first trimester was rough in that I was super tired most of the time. So with sleeping as much as possible while going to school and working, this little blog was put on the backburner. But thanks to that wonderful second trimester burst of energy, I'm feeling so much better.

So today I go in for a checkup, and then we get to find out if we're having a boy or girl in a couple weeks!! We've had a few friends throw out their guesses, but Tim and I really don't know! Either way, we're so excited. We've bought lots of little neutral clothes and we're currently in the process of setting up the nursery. It's gonna be a small one, thanks to our little Chicago 1.5 bedroom place! But with a little moses basket, sheepskin rug, and cozy blankets, hopefully our little one will be happy and content in their tiny nursery. 


A Bit of Summer on Film

It's been a while since I've updated! Tim and I moved from Philadelphia back to Chicago last month. We're getting into the swing of our new life in the city. I've started back up full time at Columbia, so I've been quite busy this last week. But I thought I'd share a few shots my sister and I took a few weeks ago. I'll be back soon with an update on Chicago life!


Philly Faves : Coffee Shops

One of the first things I look up when I'm in a new city is where the good coffee shops are. I was so thrilled to find so many amazing coffee shops in Philly! This weekend, I ventured out to two amazing coffee shops : One Shot & Elixr. 
One Shot is located in Northern Liberties, which is a great neighborhood north of Fishtown. They have a really great atmosphere. We walked in to The Clash blasting and big hand drawn sign of their custom drinks, one of which referenced The Royal Tenenbaums. So great. I would definitely recommend this place for a chill Saturday afternoon coffee.
Elixr is located right in the heart of Walnut Street shopping. It's a great little getaway from the business of downtown Philly. If you're shopping around and need a quiet spot with incredible coffee, Elixr is perfect. The people there are always really sweet and funny and the coffee is just so darn good. I would say their cappuccino is my favorite coffee in Philly! 


Twin Style : Philadelphia

My twin sister Kylie has been in town for the past week. It's been an amazing time of hanging out, getting coffee, thrifting, and laughing so much! She's been living in Tampa for the past year, so our time together has been extra precious lately. We snapped some style photos outside my apartment last night. I feel like the East Coast has a way of making us dress super comfy and casual. We've been doing a lot of walking and exploring, so being comfortable is obviously important on those long days of adventures ;) She's leaving today, so we're up early to go out to breakfast and spend as much time together as possible. Happy weekend!


Free People Walnut Street

Last week, the Free People interns had a chance to visit the beautiful Free People store on Walnut St. in Philadelphia. Most of us had shopped at the store before, but hadn’t had a chance to meet or connect with the girls there. But this week we were lucky enough to have a whole morning dedicated to hanging out at this amazing store! We were greeted with hot coffee, delicious fruit and pastries and, of course, lots of beautiful smiling faces. We chatted and heard the gals speak about their journeys with the company, which I always find so interesting! And then the craziness began. They split us up into teams for a styling challenge. Let me tell ya – 15+ interns running around a store, grabbing clothes and accessories and trying to put looks together in under 10 minutes is so crazy and so fun! All the teams did an amazing job, which meant that all of our looks were photographed and featured on the Walnut St. store’s Instagram feed! Thanks again for the incredibly fun morning, Walnut St. ladies!