A Shower For Little Max

Last weekend, my family hosted the most beautiful baby shower in honor of our little boy! Oh, and we announced his name: Max! Tim and I have been calling him Max for a while now, but wanted to wait until the shower to make it "official" :)  We went with a theme of dreamcatchers and arrows, inspired by our invitations from Kelli Murray. We had the best time chatting, eating, and playing games with our loved ones! It's so comforting to know that our baby has so many people who love him already. Now it's just over a week until his due date! We'll see if he decides to make an appearance before then!


Hello, Sunshine

Jacket, shirt, boots: Free People | Hat & necklaces: Thrifted

It's finally warming up in Chicago! Hooray, hooray! It was so nice to just throw on a t-shirt and light jacket and walk around the neighborhood. Tim and I are counting down the days until our sisters get in town. His sister arrives on Monday from Madagascar, and my sister arrives on Tuesday from New Zealand. Our little boy is gonna have both his aunties in town when he's born! Pretty special. We'll be getting ready for the baby shower this week. That means lots of crafting and baking for us girls! I'm so excited to get all our friends & family together to celebrate our boy. 


34 Weeks

Tunic, Slip, Boots: Free People | Coat: Anthropologie | Hat: Thrifted

Hey in there, kid. It seems like you're doing a mighty fine job of growing! Everyday I wake up and feel just a bit bigger. I can't believe we get to meet you in less than SIX WEEKS! Time has really flown by. You've given me a relatively easy pregnancy and I am beyond grateful for that, darling. You move around so much. I'm starting to feel you kick and roll around all the time now. I've been humming little lullabies to you the past few weeks. Apparently they'll be familiar and soothing to you once you're out in the world! Your nursery is shaping up nicely, too. We've been hanging things on the walls and building your book collection. You are one loved boy already.


Young Hearts

Jacket, Shirt, Jewelry: Thrifted | Bag: Topknot Goods | Boots: Free People

Happy Weekend! For us, weekends mean sleeping in, coffee dates, Parks & Rec marathons, and exploring. We went to a great spot, Caffe Streets, that was super cute. We've been there before a couple years ago so it was nice to rediscover another little local cafe. Since being pregnant, coffee doesn't sounds as appetizing as it used to but I'm usually content with a hot chocolate and a couple stolen sips of Tim's coffee!

I'm 28 weeks along and definitely feeling nervous about being in my third trimester! I feel like there's still so much to learn and organize before April. We've gotten our little nursery started and my next step is to find a good birthing class. It's getting so real that we'll have our son in our arms so soon!! I feel so lucky to be on this journey with Tim. If our boy turns out exactly like him, I'll be happy as can be. I can't wait to see them together...it's gonna be something really special. 


Free People Beauty

I realized that I put together this post last summer that I never actually published! It was during my last week of my photo internship at Free People. I've loved having the opportunity to finish school this year and work at the Wicker Park store, but I'm planning on being back in Philly as soon as possible. You just can't beat that home office!

[Originally written August 1, 2014] I think it goes without saying that the Free People home office is one of the most inspiring places ever. Everywhere you look, there’s beautiful product being dreamed up and designed. For me, it’s interesting to get into the world of the ladies and gentlemen who are the heartbeat behind such an inspiring company. This week, I walked around and snapped some photos of desk spaces and nooks. I love how there’s fabric swatches and photos and inspiration boards up everywhere! There is definitely no shortage of beautiful things around this home office I get to call mine for the summer.


Humboldt House

A few of the girls that I work with at Free People told me about this amazing shop called Humboldt House. I decided to check it out last week, and oh man what a gem it is! It's beautifully curated with jewelry, textiles, art, and furniture. It reminded me of Moon & Arrow, my favorite shop in Philadelphia. I love finding amazing stores like these, hidden around town. I know there are a few places in Wicker Park I want to explore. It's snowing in Chicago today, so maybe Tim and I will bundle up, get some warm drinks, and explore. Or maybe we'll just stay cuddled up in our warm apartment, finishing our Harry Potter-reading marathon ;)


Out And About

We've been trying our best to be out and about, exploring our new Chicago neighborhood lately. It's tough when the winds are so bitter cold as winter sets in, but it's always so refreshing to discover new shops, cafes, and restaurants. We've never lived in such a big city, so we're taking full advantage of our opportunities (and free time!) before our baby boy arrives. It's really starting to sink in that he'll be here in three months. Welcoming this new year means welcoming the most life-changing year of our lives. 2014 was absolutely incredible with our adventures and finding out we were expecting, but I think 2015 is going to be the best year yet. Cheers & Happy New Year!