Picnic Date

Max, 16 weeks old. Palmer Square Park, Chicago, IL.

Today we went out for a picnic in a park near our apartment. Chicago was mighty hot today, so it was a short outing. Max just loves looking up at the trees in the park. We made sandwiches and bought fresh strawberries and lemon water. We had a nice, relaxing time chatting together while Max hung out, quietly staring at the trees above. Oh, and he's pretty proud of his new trick - sticking his tongue out. Once he figured out he could make us laugh by doing it, he hasn't stopped! Haha! It's really cute that he loves making us laugh already.


My Little Dreamboat

My darling little Max is 3 months old! I feel like we see more and more of his personality come out each day. He is such an amazing boy. We've already traveled to New Zealand and back again. He is so patient with us and our crazy travels.

Lately, his days have been filled with: lots of chit-chattering back and forth, staring at lights in restaurants, wanting to be sitting upright & part of conversations, little smiles and giggles, kicking the water during bathtime, swaddled cuddles at bedtime, lullabies, almost sleeping through the night (!!), morning story time, and watching cousin Seth run around.

I am totally in love with this little boy. He is so sweet and special. My little dreamboat boy.


New Zealand Travels

Here we are, all the way in New Zealand! What a journey it was getting here. A 4-hour flight from Chicago to LA, then a 12-hour flight from LA to Auckland. Max did so well, sleeping his way through security checks, take-offs and landings. On our flight to New Zealand, we had a row of four seats all to ourselves and a little bassinet for Max. It was so amazing and Max traveled like a champ! We were so lucky with that.

Since we've arrived, it has been lots of time with family. They are so in love with the newest addition, getting in as many cuddles as possible. It's so special to see them with Max. He is my in-laws first grandchild so, needless to say, they're smitten. He's been smiling so much around them too! It's really something sweet. 

We're here for a few more weeks, so we're trying to get through our list of cafes to visit and friends to catch up with! I love it here so much. There are so many wonderful places to see. Sharing this place with my son makes it that much more magical here. 


Nursery Tour

Here's a little sneak peak into our boy's nursery. We're currently living in a 1 1/2 bedroom place in Chicago. The 1/2 bedroom has turned into a nursery/office. It works for now, since we don't have a crib! Our lease is up at the end of the summer, so we're planning on getting more space for when Max actually has a crib to sleep in ;) But for now, this little space is perfect for our fella.


One Of Those Days

Max at 6 weeks old.

There are days when your son wakes up at 5AM and doesn't want to go back to sleep. So you decide to drive to Starbucks since nothing else is open. After driving away, you realize that they made your drink wrong. In spite of a rough start, you decide to go home, drink your too-sweet iced coffee and enjoy the most beautiful morning light with your little son and his perfect smile.

Days like today can be tiring, but they can be so beautiful too if you let them.


He's Here!

Our baby boy is here!! Max Taylor Peters was born on Thursday, April 2nd at 11:16PM. It was a crazy day; I'll do a birth story post at some point...let's just say labor & delivery was definitely not how I imagined it would be! We are absolutely in love with this little bundle. The past few days have been filled with endless cuddles & kisses and definitely some sleepless nights. We're learning the power of one hour naps! But I wouldn't trade these sleepless nights for anything. He is such a precious boy. I can't even begin to describe the love I feel for him. Everybody always tells you about this love they bring, but you're really not prepared for how much love is in your heart for your babies until you meet them. These are definitely the happiest days of our lives.


A Shower For Little Max

Last weekend, my family hosted the most beautiful baby shower in honor of our little boy! Oh, and we announced his name: Max! Tim and I have been calling him Max for a while now, but wanted to wait until the shower to make it "official" :)  We went with a theme of dreamcatchers and arrows, inspired by our invitations from Kelli Murray. We had the best time chatting, eating, and playing games with our loved ones! It's so comforting to know that our baby has so many people who love him already. Now it's just over a week until his due date! We'll see if he decides to make an appearance before then!